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The Strength Co. - Costa Mesa

(949) 534-2006
A Strength Training Gym in Costa Mesa, California

Intro sessions

Introduction to Barbells Plan available for $200Purchase required to enroll

In our Introduction to Barbells class we will provide detailed instruction on how and why to perform the major barbells lifts, what you should lift next time, and how you should recover. Our coaches will make sure every lifter performs the exercises safely and effectively.

We have coached hundreds of people of all ages, levels of experience and health limitations to lift with barbells.

You can schedule a class by clicking on a time in the calendar below.

Intro classes are one 2 hour session and costs $200 per person.

Please note that we offer classes in both our Villa Park and Costa Mesa locations.

Group Classes

Group Training - With a Coach $375Purchase required to enroll


90 minutes per class.

Join other lifters under the supervision of a professional coach. Ensure you’re performing all of your lifts properly. Get one-on-one coaching on your last warm-up set and your work-sets.

Prerequisite: Completion of “Introduction to Barbells”


Squat Clinic $49Purchase required to enroll

Learn how to perform the most effective full body exercise - the squat. The low bar back squat recruits the most amount of muscle mass, over the longest range of motion, and enables the trainee to lift as much weight as possible - safely and efficiently.

Location: 17767 Santiago Blvd #609, Villa Park CA

Capacity: 15 trainees

Coaches: 2