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The Strength Co. - Costa Mesa

(949) 534-2006
A Strength Training Gym in Costa Mesa, California

Intro sessions

Online Introduction to Barbells Plan available for $149 Purchase required to enroll

Introduction to Barbells $149 per class Plan available for $149 Purchase required to enroll

In our Introduction to Barbells class we will provide detailed instruction on how and why to perform the major barbells lifts, what you should lift next time, and how you should recover. Our coaches will make sure every lifter performs the exercises safely and effectively.

We have coached hundreds of people of all ages, levels of experience and health limitations to lift with barbells.

You can schedule a class by clicking on a time in the calendar below.

Intro classes are a 60 minute session and cost $150.

Please note that we offer classes in both our Villa Park and Costa Mesa locations.

Group Classes

Group Training - With a Coach From $50 per visit with Drop-in - Starting Strength With a Coach pass Purchase required to enroll

Zoom Training - With a Coach From $50 per visit with Drop-in - Starting Strength With a Coach pass Purchase required to enroll


90 minutes per class.

Join other lifters under the supervision of a professional coach. Ensure you’re performing all of your lifts properly. Get one-on-one coaching on your last warm-up set and your work-sets.

Prerequisite: Completion of “Introduction to Barbells”

Rack Booking

Open Gym $25 per class From $20 per visit with Open Gym - Drop In pass Purchase required to enroll

Access to a private barbell training gym. Reserve your rack in advance ensuring you have your own sanitized station. Sessions are capped at 90 minutes.

One on ones

Custom Program Design Starting at $200 per appointment No purchase required to enroll

Nutrition Consult $150 per class From $150 per visit with Nutrition Consult pass Purchase required to enroll

As a barbell coach, I’ve fielded a lot of questions from novice and intermediate lifters about how to manage their diets as they pursue their lifting goals and they are usually surprised at the questions I ask in response.

Details like their basic dietary habits. Are you keeping track of how much protein they are eating? Looking to lose weight…are you recording your weight on a regular basis? How have you been trying to manage your diet on your own so far? How much sleep are you getting?

Every lifter is different.

They have different goals for what they want to look like, how much weight they eventually want to deadlift, what body fat percentage they want to be and they have different amounts of time they can dedicate to preparing and eating food every week.

If you want progress towards your goals, you will have to dig into the details. It all depends on where you are starting from and what your ultimate goals are. A nutrition consult can help you figure out the right path to those goals.

On a 45min Zoom or phone call, we can go over:

  • Your general background. Lifting history, general diet and how much time you have for recovery.
  • What you are looking to get out of changing or optimizing your nutrition?
  • Review any current numbers you might have around your training schedule or MyFitnessPal logs.
  • Plan macros/caloric intake guidelines around your goals.
  • Discuss practical ways for you to meet those guidelines consistently enough to measure results.
  • Discuss how to modify diet around your workout schedule — heavy and light days for example.
  • How to make adjustments as more data comes in.